Nourish paid a visit to the 2017 CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) East Show in Toronto this month. Over 850 exhibitors were on hand, firmly establishing CHFA as one of the major trade shows in the food industry. The size of the show is a clear indicator that health and wellness have become mainstream trends.

Retail category managers and product developers were out in droves right from the outset on a busy Saturday morning. Among the trends on display were the usual suspects:

Plant-based and insect-based products (though we noticed “faux” cheeses are tasting better than in the past, and ingredient decks are cleaner than ever)
Probiotics for gut health, both incorporated into and sprayed on products, A2 milk, and gut shots and kombucha on tap

Other products that caught our eyes included:

  • Sleep and relaxation drinks and capsules
  • Regenerative products to support healthy aging with collagen and trace minerals (Boomers still have buying power)
  • Bee-powered products were making a buzz
  • “Gluten Free” Oats are back in a big way - cereals, bars, mylks
  • Activated charcoal aims to keep trending, now in deodorant, toothpaste, and salt

Trends in decline: juices and olive oil. Perhaps these past trends have peaked?

Stand-out trend: grass-fed. Just how many cows are there in New Zealand anyway, and can they support a demand for grass-fed whey?

The award for the most timely product has to go to “Woofmints.” Our office dog Gracie’s dogbreath has been notably… noticeable, recently!

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