We're a marketing agency that gets food and bev the way you do

We don't know much about advertising mortgages. Or cars, or detergents, or life insurance.

But helping our clients sell more food, that's something we know an awful lot about.

So if you make food or beverages, and you'd like to increase your sales, then you might want to talk to us.

Because we live and breathe food we spot culinary trends before they hit the mainstream, we launch products that fill consumer demand, we create culinary innovation and we constantly discover the most relevant ways for our clients to reach their consumers.

Nine reasons why you should talk to us today

1. Food is all we do.

We live food, we breathe food, we obsess about food. With this single-mindedness comes deep learning that benefits our clients.

2. Our experience starts on the farm, where all food begins

Our agri-marketing experts located in our Guelph office have a deep understanding of what matters to Canadian farmers, those who buy from them and those who sell to them.

3. Our senior management comes with deep food and marketing experience.

With previous careers built at Molson, Loblaws and Ogilvy, our team has the experience to tackle any food marketing problem you care to throw at them.

4. In-house culinary resources.

A fully equipped test kitchen. Full-time award-winning chefs on staff. From product testing to recipe development, our culinary expertise is second to none.

5. On parle français

French Canadian food culture plays by its own rules. Our office in Montreal ensures that our client’s messages are as relevant to French speakers as they are to English-speaking Canadians.

6. Our designers know what works on shelf

Food packaging design is an art onto itself. What are the category conventions? What are the buyers looking for? What will catch the consumer’s eye and how is the product’s story best told? Our designers know the answers to these and many other questions, creating award winning packaging design that sells.

7. Halal expertise

The halal category is the fastest growing market in grocery. Our in-house halal specialists have the credibility and knowledge needed to create meaningful marketing campaigns that create genuine connections to Canadian Muslims.

8. Food photography and videography studios

Workign with the culinary staff, our food photographers and videographers create stunning images and videos for content marketing and social media campaigns that drive sales.

9. Deep Industry Relationships

Because we work in food and nothing but food, we’ve got deep relationships. We talk to food brokers and distributors daily, we know what supermarkets buyers are looking for, we know what product would be best placed with which influencer and we even have relationships with celebrity chefs. And then we put these relationships to work for our clients.

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