The International Food Marketing Alliance

As a founder member of the International Food Marketing Alliance, we have reciprocal relationships with food marketing agencies in Europe and the Middle East.

The historic Canada and European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is by far Canada’s most ambitious trade initiative, broader in scope and deeper in ambition than even the North American Free Trade Agreement. It will open new markets to Canadian food exporters throughout the EU.

As founding partners of the International Food Marketing Alliance, we are ideally positioned to help your food brand succeed in Europe.

For our clients in Canada this means support with exports into Europe and beyond, including market feasibility studies and full listing and marketing support. For our European clients we offer identical services in Canada and the US.

International Services

  • Market Feasibility Studies & Market Research
  • Package Design, Labelling in accordance with local laws
  • Help with listings
  • Marketing planning and execution in all media
  • A local partner with local expertise

Additionally, as consumer taste profiles differ greatly from country to country, we provide assistance with product development, flavour and nutritional analysis.