Jo-Ann McArthur, bio

Jo-Ann McArthur, President of Nourish Food Marketing and the International Food Marketing Alliance.

Jo-Ann specializes in food and beverage marketing, She creates marketing strategies that help move products off shelves across Canada, the US and Europe, into the consumer’s shopping basket, on their plates and into their hearts.

Jo-Ann also lectures on Marketing at the Schulich Executive School of Business, the Association of Canadian Advertisers and Food Starter, formerly the Toronto Food Business Incubator.

She is founding chair of the Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada, a Past President of The Empire Club of Canada and serves on the board as Vice-Chair of ABC Life Literacy Canada.

Previous speaking engagements include:

  • Ontario-European Agri-Food Forum
  • Food And Beverage Ontario, (formerly the Alliance of Ontario Food Processors)
  • TFO Canada, Restaurants Canada
  • Ontario-European Agri-Food Forum
  • The Pet Food Association (Canada and U.S.)
  • Woman of Influence WXN
  • Packaging Association of Canada
  • Women in Business
  • Canadian Institute
  • IEG Annual Conference Chicago
  • Numerous television appearances

Jo-Ann has spent a career building brands with consumers and retailers at Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Cadillac Fairview and Molson.

As President of a division of Molson and a member of its North America Management Board, Jo-Ann led the charge to sell more beer more profitably.

For further information regarding Jo-Ann McArthur please contact or call 416 903-7076.

Speaking topics - All speeches are tailored to your audience, but below are some possible topics:

Winning Food Branding Strategies
What resonates with consumers in Canada and globally? Who’s doing it right, and why it’s never been a better time to be a smaller sized food company.

Understanding Canada’s Retail Landscape
Developed for TFO Canada - Experts in Trade for Developing Countries

It's A Brave New World - Adapt or Perish
The New Reality for Marketers and How You Can Profit

Wired for Social: Profiting from an Understanding of Human Nature
How something that happened 100,000 years ago can determine if you marketing activity will succeed or fail. What in the future will reach into the present and affect your business?

Nothing Sells as well as Food Served with a Good Story
Jo-Ann will share lessons learned from marketing sugar as well as an overview of what's important to people when deciding what food to buy, including food and beverage trends that you should be aware of.

Top 10 Trends in Food & Beverage Marketing
As we start 2015 what consumer trends are we seeing in Canada and around the globe, as well as what new technology is on the horizon that could impact your business?

Free From Products - From Marginal to Mainstream
Consumers continue to seek out food and beverage products made with “Free From” ingredients. While diet fads aren’t new, Free From is already a way of life for millions of consumers and no longer something that can be avoided by producers, processors and stores. Includes insights from the European markets and how You can profit from them in North America.

CETA - How you can be on the winning end of this trade agreement
Nourish, as part of the International Food Marketing Alliance, has a window into European markets and producers. Who will win with CETA and how can you either profit from or defend against it?

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