How you can benefit from our multicultural marketing expertise

Why should you bother with multicultural outreach? Because it’s smart business

Can you answer the following questions? If not, we can help.

  • Where is your target consumer in their Canadian journey?
  • What are they buying in ethnic versus mainstream grocery channels?
  • Is grocery shopping a chore or a multi-generational cultural activity?
  • Are they challenged in their cooking skills now that they are missing their me support system from back home?
  • Do you need to sell to both the shopper and the cook in multi-generational families?
  • Do you know the difference between halal and haram foods?
  • Do you know what the biggest and fastest growing segment is? Is your budget aligned correctly?
  • What major city has more than half of its population made up from visible minority communities?
  • How do you reach out in an efficient and targeted way without hurting your base business?
  • Is traditional “ethnic” media still the best way to reach your target?
  • Does your message translated into one language or dialect offensive in another language. Remember that Canadians speak over 70 different languages?
  • Are you avoiding the stereotypes?

Nourish can help you connect with these culturally diverse communities in a meaningful and targeted way. Because it’s smart business.

Get fresh insights from our halal study

We conducted a survey of more than 1000 grocery shoppers on the subject of halal food. The data obtained in the survey is extremely valuable, and will help support our clients’ campaigns in this important market segment for a long time to come.

Amongst the fascinating insights we gleaned from the data was which categories of products shoppers considered to be halal “by default.”

Top of the list? Take a guess.

It was sugar, believed to be halal by 53% of those surveyed. However, some refiners use bone char in their process, meaning not all sugars are halal.

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