Nourish Side Dishes – Vol. 3 – Kelsy Is Serving Up the Smiles

We’re continuing to profile the amazing and diverse Nourish family with a look at their off-hours pursuits.

Our focus this time is on one of our most active Account Coordinators. As we found out, she’s got a true insider’s view of the hospitality industry!

Restaurants Are Like A Box of Chocolates…

To Kelsy, one of the top perks of being in the restaurant business is going to work never knowing who she’s going to meet. To her, that makes every shift exciting. Bottom line, she loves what she does because her job is to make people happy and help them enjoy their experience.

Making people happy doesn’t stop at the restaurant doors – Kelsy always serves up the smiles at Nourish, too! It’s no surprise she’s a favourite with all her clients.

She’s worked in the food and hospitality industry for more than 10 years. Her restaurant journey started in the kitchen, and since then she has worked every position from hostess and busser to waitress and bartender.

Having both back- and front-of-house experience, she’s learned that teamwork and communication are key in the hospitality industry because each role is essential. Without the kitchen staff the food isn’t prepared; without the hostess, the guests haven’t been greeted; and without the servers, the food isn’t ordered. (Sounds a lot like a marketing agency!)

Fav Foods For Dining Out

Kelsy is a true believer in the power of comfort food. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches – you name it, she’s game! Having said that, she’s a huge fan of trying new foods and new dining experiences.
That passion for new flavours extends to her travels abroad, too. Trying the local cuisine is always a priority wherever she goes.

Kelsy at Oktoberfest
Wherever she goes, the fun is brewing!

Her biggest weakness? She eats out more often than she prepares food at home. That’s ok, Kelsy. You’re just showing support for your industry!

Fav Hashtags

Kelsy also follows @brickworkscider and @schoolresto for great resto content.

Pet Peeve

With her unique perspective, it’s no surprise Kelsy has a pet peeve or two. One of her biggest has to do with her name: it’s a given that you always introduce yourself by name when greeting a table. As you might have guessed, she always gets, “Aren’t you working at the wrong restaurant?? I’m sure you haven’t heard that before!”

Yeah. All the LOLs. Keep smiling, Kels!

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