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All marketing has changed immeasurably during the last ten years, but for food marketing the changes have been dramatic and far-reaching. Traditional outreach via TV and print, while still important, is now only part of the mix.

With the advent of social media, the increasing popularity of food bloggers, and the rise of the celebrity chef, professionally created content marketing is not a luxury, but a necessity for today’s food manufacturers. Consumers expect to find original recipes that explain and romance your food product, which are professionally created, tested and analyzed .

Retailers and supermarkets also expect that products are supported by vibrant, relevant and ongoing marketing campaigns as a prerequisite for listing.

Our test kitchen is set up for rapid and cost-effective recipe development, food styling, food photography, and video shoots. Our in-house video editing suite guarantees rapid and affordable results.

Led by our Culinary Director, Chef Kristina Groeger, each year our team creates, tests, styles, and shoots hundreds of original recipes for our clients.

Using predictive modeling and the latest in research and listening tools, we ensure that our content marketing service meets cutting edge consumer trends and creates real, measurable, value for the brands we’re working for.



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