The challenge:

Derlea had launched Miscela, a range of ready prepped vegetable and spice mixtures to make meals quick and easy. While the product was moderately successful in retail, there was much potential to increase sales.

The strategy

We determined that the name Miscela didn't communicate the nature and benefits of the product. Both retail partners and consumers were confused, resulting in inconsistent shelving and loss of potential sales.

We rebranded the product to Dinner Savers. New packaging with clearly defined culinary indicators and improved food photography helped communicate usage application to consumers. We then relaunched the product using a range of commercials produced to be shown on Caddle, a consumer discount and couponing platform. This drove instant traffic to retail and helped us secure new listings.

All work was done in-house by our designers and the Nourish food video studio and food photography studio.

Where are they now?

Derlea Dinner Savers are listed in grocery stores from coast to coast, with significantly increased sales.


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