The challenge:

Donations to Canadian Food Banks are at their lowest during the summer months. Because of school holidays, and the absence of school lunch programs, the need of many Canadian families it at its highest during this time. Food Banks Canada needed a program that communicated this challenge and at the same time encouraged donations.

The strategy

Food Banks Canada delivers three meals for $1, an incredible achievement. Spearheaded by a team of culinary influencers, we created a challenge to Canadians to feed themselves on $1 for one day.
We asked participants to share their efforts via their social channels and donate the money they would have normally spent on food to a local Food Bank. We also created training materials for local Food Banks to make the program their own and collaborated with French's on a corporate challenge.

Where are they now?

The program was successful coast to coast, creating significant donations.

Influencer posts

The #SummerHungerChallenge with Food Banks Canada is here and I’m proud to say that I’m taking part. Will I be able to survive and eat 3 meals for $1? I have no clue but you can bet that I’m going to try my best because it’s for a great cause...supporting local food banks. . Did you know that food bank donations are low in the summer months, but the need remains high? It’s estimated that 900,000 Canadians will be visiting food banks in the months of July and August. This means that they will need to raise 26 million meals to be able to provide for all these people. . #EveryPlateFull is a national campaign where food bank organizations across the country coming their efforts with a unified voice to try and end summer hunger.
Wanna help? Join me on the #SummerHungerChallenge and post your results right here on social media, make a donation using the money that you normally would have spent on food for a day and challenge your friends to join you! . I’m calling out my @mirandamalisani @angiecampanelli @andreabuckettcooks and of course all you amazing Chic Mammas!
Be sure to check out for more info because together we can make a difference.
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Did you know that one million Canadians are in need of food banks during the summer months? With the support of donors, food banks across Canada are able to provide meals across Canada for as little as one dollar for three meals. I took the #SummerHungerChallenge to try to feed myself for just $1 a day. It took a lot of planning and it was definitely challenging. The $1.00 added up fast. Here is what I had for the day: Breakfast: 1 slice of toast $0.09 Lunch: Pasta with frozen veggies and tomato sauce $0.37 Dinner: Canned tuna salad with lemon juice dressing $0.44 Grand total: $0.90 Doing this challenge really opened my eyes on how hard it is to eat for only $1.00 a day. Let’s do our part and donate whatever and whenever you can to your local food bank all year round, including the summer time which often gets overlooked. You can donate here: I am tagging @craft_and_muse, @kitchenfairyblog, and @amyfoodvlogs to take this #summerhungerchallenge! #EveryPlateFull #SummerHungerChallenge

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