The challenge:

How do we take a brand that has had little to no promotion and relaunch it as a name that is trusted by the Canadian Muslim community? More and more halal brands are coming on to the market and Muslims are weary around certification and fraud. We had to ensure Sufra emerged as a reputable brand that is safe for Muslims to consume and whilst also being accessible.

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The strategy

Taking our in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Muslim community, we came up with a multifaceted approach to gain trust through grassroots efforts combined with community relations, hands-on interactions and targetted sampling.

Where are they now?

Recognition of the Sufra brand has gone up significantly within just a year of their relaunch. Here's what the client had to say:

Nourish Food Marketing has played an instrumental role in helping bring our Sufra Halal Brand to life within the Muslim communities across Ontario. They helped us build a strategic and community focused marketing plan that centered around authentic brand interactions that have helped us grow our Sufra Halal brand awareness within our target markets. Nourish Food Marketing also has a keen sense on tracking and measuring our results ensuring clear KPIs are set and met for each of our programs. I look forward to working with Nourish Food Marketing as we continue to expand and grow our Sufra Halal brand in Canada.”

- Kevin Andrews, Director, Control Brand Marketing, Loblaw Companies Ltd

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