The challenge:

Ontario Honey Creations is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to providing seasonal terroir honey and artisan honey vinegars.

Each sale helps support their work as Toronto Bee Rescue, providing free honeybee swarm removal services in the Greater Toronto Area and humane honeybee hive removals.

Honey vinegar is made from unpasteurized honey that is fermented into mead, then further into an actual vinegar. While the vinegar was delicious, the product was not selling and in danger of being de-listed.

The strategy

We started out by reviewing the existing packaging. We diagnosed that colours were regressive on shelf, the design of the bottle didn't support the artisanal high-quality claim and the copy failed to tell the product's amazing story.

We then redesigned the label in a way that allows colour blocking on shelf. Hand-drawn illustrations and bright colours are designed to attract the consumer's attention.
Additionally, we recommended raising the retail price to be in line with comparable products. Sometimes, a lower price creates suspicion rather than sales. This was very much the case for this client.

Where are they now?

The honey vinegar is selling well, additional listings have been achieved with both specialty and mainstream retail outlets.

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