Seeing Red - food colour and food evaluation

Figure 1: Examples of the stimuli used: Two stimuli for each of the three categories are shown.

Getting your consumers attention should always be top-of-mind for any brand. we found this recent study to be especially important.

It details how our brains recognize colour, and how that affects our perception of caloric content in food. The more red, the higher the perceived calories. The more green, the opposite!

There are already so many food brands vying for our attention and studies like this show how people continue to adapt to judge foods based on how they look, and less on how they taste. Understanding how food colours work as triggers to demand attention from consumers is critical. It has the potential for us to develop even more effective marketing strategies!

*Stimuli images are part of the FoodCast Research Image Database (FRIDa)25 an open-access image database (

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