Taking the pulse of the halal market

As discussed in the August Nourish Report, we conducted a survey of more than 1000 grocery shoppers on the subject of halal food. The data obtained in the survey is extremely valuable, and will help support our clients’ campaigns in this important market segment for a long time to come.

Amongst the most fascinating insights we gleaned from the data was which categories of products shoppers considered to be halal “by default.” Top of the list? Sugar, believed to be halal by 53% of those surveyed. In fact, some refiners use bone char in their process, meaning not all refined sugars are halal. Do you remember what happens to “u” and “me” when you “assume”?

It is important to never assume consumers have the right information about your product or company. You could be missing out on an opportunity to reach a larger market by doing so. Nourish is uniquely positioned to help you reach the halal market, and we have an ongoing record of success with this demographic. Contact Salima Jivraj to learn more about how we can help you tap into a burgeoning market segment.

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