The Epicurious app wants to know your location. Why? It helps you be a better cook.


After a refresh of the Epicurious website -- that giant recipe warehouse of foodie knowledge, advice and community and one of my favourite sources for recipes -- the brand also redesigned its app, bundling in some clever features making it more helpful than ever before.

Food Forecast was created with, and is sponsored by, The Weather Channel. It gives you recipe suggestions based on the weather conditions in your location.

Cold weather? It’ll recommend warming stews and soups, during a warm snap it’s all chilled dishes and no-bake recipes.

Right now, this feature is only available in the US, but it’s a great action on the insight that the food we eat is always influenced by the environment we’re finding ourselves in.

Additionally, on the ipad app, there’s voice-activated commands in Cook Mode which lets you follow recipes while keeping your hands free for cooking. Great for following recipes with messy fingers.

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