How much does food photography cost?

Like with most of our work, the cost of food photography increases as the complexity increases.

A simple overhead product shot on a white or solid colour background is less expensive than a recipe shot that needs full culinary development.

From the lowest to the highest, here are four examples of what prices typically are. Please note that these are guidelines only.

Option One

A basic shot of a product that needs no time from our culinary staff. Examples are bottled beverages or products that are ready to eat, like cookies or energy bars. Another example would be a simple shot for social use. The background will typically be one colour and the styling is minimal. Post production, i.e colour adjustment, is included. The cost for a shot like this is typically less than $500.

food photography for Everspring Farms
Packaging element for Everspring Farms sprouted grains baking mixes

Option Two

A simple styled food shot. The recipe will be supplied by the client, or the product is ready to eat. The product is prepared by our culinary staff and photographed using styling materials from our own library. Post-production includes retouching. The cost is around $750.

food photography for Seed to Sausage
Duck ravioli for Seed to Sausage

Option Three

A fully custom shot that includes original “from scratch” recipe development, writing and testing. Custom styling to match a specific brand persona that may include prop rental and the building of a custom set. Full post production and retouch. Expect the cost to be from $1500 upwards.
food photography for Redpath Sugar
A wedding cake developed for the Redpath Sugar Canadian Baking Book

Option Four

VR 360º photography resulting in a model that can be rotated in the browser or VR glasses. Contact us for a quote.

We shoot all our photography in-house, in a studio that is right next to our test kitchen. This keeps things affordable and accessible for our clients.

How can you keep the cost of food photography down?

Whether you’re a startup or need a series of images for social use, there are things you can do to reduce the cost of food photography.

These include:

    • Keep the images simple. The more styling is involved, the higher the cost.
    • Have your recipes ready and tested. If our culinary staff does not have to test your recipes, the cost of a shoot is lower.
    • Think about usage and what you’re trying to achieve. Very often, a simple image can be as effective as a complex shot.
    • Know what you want to achieve and communicate this clearly. Changes and re-shoots add to cost.

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