How much does social media management for a food brand cost?

Social media management and content marketing services are typically charged as a monthly retainer. The minimum amount we need per month to create meaningful content, with a commitment for 12 months, is $5000. For multiple social accounts and specialty content that includes custom video production, the cost can be as high as $30,000-$40,000 per month.

That’s expensive, I can get that much cheaper elsewhere

We do not believe that you can purchase the same quality content we create for a lesser price. We don’t market to consumers, we create brand relevancy for people. This means that our clients win the race for attention in a world where low-quality, untested and sometimes plagiarised culinary content is commonplace.

Our social content is created by specialists. Our recipes, for example, are tested twice by our culinary staff and are guaranteed to work. They are also guaranteed to be plagiarism free. This kind of quality has created successes for our clients that include book publishing contracts and the removal of own-brand products by national retailers to be replaced by our client’s brand.

Our community management is done by food industry specialists. We are able to represent any food brand in a social environment not only with warmth and humanity but also with deep knowledge that allows us to share specialist information with the relevant audiences, taking on the role of mentor and teacher.

What factors will make this more expensive?

  • Multiple platforms
  • Complex communication requirements
  • Live events
  • Complexity of media, i.e original photography or videography

What can be done to minimize expense?

  • Concentrate on one or two social platforms
  • Use existing or stock imagery

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