What services do you offer?

What makes us different from other marketing agencies is that we understand the food ecosystem from the farm to the fork. Marketing food is all we do.

Our agricultural marketing team, with offices in Guelph, understands the needs of Canada’s farming communities like few others.

Our researchers and marketing strategists understand the food and retail market not just in Canada, but also in the US and Europe.

Our culinary staff supports our clients with services ranging from flavour and new product development to culinary content for content marketing, social marketing and even recipe books.

The PR team has solid relationships not just with food writers, but will all major industry publications as well as celebrity chefs.

Our food photography studio creates stunning food images and our designers live and breathe retail design. Our interactive teams create AR and VR content, including voice content for the new breed of voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Talk to us about food, we got you covered.

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