Why would you share your pricing structure? Aren’t you scared to make it public?

In our experience, when we worked client-side, ad and marketing agencies hate talking about money.

They hate talking about it because it requires them to make a commitment and then stick to it. Instead, you’ll often get woolly language talking about how “every job is different” and how “we personalize each budget to client requirements”. Which is, more often than not, shorthand for “we will take as much as we can get”.

But here’s the truth: Business runs on money and we need budgets to do our work. Our work is to support our client’s business objectives through marketing planning and execution – say, add $200,000 in revenue for Q3 to a specific product line. At some point, we will need to talk about the money needed to achieve that outcome, so we may as well do this at the beginning.

Building a sustainable business

We aim to build a business that offers value to our clients tomorrow, next week and in years to come. In order to do this, we work hard to attract the brightest talent in the food and marketing industry. We pay our staff competitive salaries and offer them a career, not just a job. This translates into better work and better outcomes for our clients.

Aren’t we scared of the competition?

No. We don’t compete on price. We’re not trying to be the cheapest, we’re aiming to be the best.

We use our unrivalled expertise in food, beverage and agricultural marketing to create positive and sustainable business outcomes for our clients and, by extension, for our own business.

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