What we learned at the US Canadian Food Forum in Hannover, Germany

Andreas Duess, one of our Founders, was invited to be one of two speakers representing Canada at the US Canadian Food Forum in Hannover, Germany. Planned and hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Hannover, the event was designed to give German food producers and manufacturers interested in exporting an overview of the Canadian and US food markets.

The sold-out event was attended by close to 100 members of the German food industry and trade representatives for both Canada and the US. Canada's embassy in Berlin sent Trade Commissioner Detlef Engler to take part in a lively roundtable discussion.

Presentations covered a wide range of topics, from the legalities of shipping and logistics - which turned out to be a surprisingly fascinating topic - to our own presentation that gave an overview of trends in Canadian advertising and marketing.

To give just one example, a key difference between the German and Canadian markets is that German advertising is mostly fact-based, often selling a product on factual benefits. North American advertising, on the other hand, tends to be far more emotionally driven and sells by creating aspiration.

You can view the presentation below - but do keep in mind that parts of it are in German.

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