2022 Annual Nourish Halal Shopper Study

In a post-pandemic world, it’s more important than ever to uncover changes in shopper behaviour of Muslims living in Canada.

Since 1996, the Muslim population in Canada has tripled, according to Statistics Canada. Resultingly, the Canadian halal food market is estimated to be worth over $1 billion, and it’s growing 13% annually. And yet, it remains an underserved segment by both retailers and manufacturers. The Nourish Halal Shopper Study seeks to reveal this unique shopper’s behaviour and attitudes, drawing insights to help you better understand this market and make better business decisions.

In 2022, Nourish will conduct its annual quantitative research study among an estimated 1,000 halal principal grocery shoppers in Canada for a sixth year. Surveys (English-language only) will be completed online, and respondents will be sourced via an email database of halal consumers across Canada and targeted social media ads.

This report will serve as a critical guide for devising marketing strategies, assessing business plans, and exploring new opportunities within the halal market segment. The report will explore:

  • How is this shopper similar and/or different from other shoppers in Canada post-pandemic?

  • Language usage

  • Food culture and snacking behaviour

  • Category and brand perceptions

  • Potential growth of online shopping

  • Drivers of behaviour and brand choice

  • Expectations of brands and loyalty levels

  • Media habits and how best to reach this consumer

Each subscriber has the opportunity to add a proprietary category-specific and a brand-specific close-ended question. All findings and information related to these questions are confidential and are only available to sponsoring subscribers.


Deadline for participation is December 6th. Deliverables will be available February 2021.


$5,000 plus applicable taxes


All subscribers will receive:

  • A comprehensive report in presentation format detailing all findings

  • Specific results for your category and brands (proprietary content)

  • One formal presentation of findings by our principals via video conference

To subscribe or for more information, please contact:

Salima Jivraj - salima.jivraj@nourish.marketing or 437 232-7772

Jo-Ann McArthur - j@nourish.marketing or 416 949-3817

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