Download Your Free Copy of The 2020 Nourish Network Trend Report for a Look at the Year Ahead.

The 2020 Nourish Network Trend Report is here, and it’s your guidebook for the year to come in the food, beverage, and agriculture industries. Now in its fourth year, the Report is a highly-anticipated publication we expect to gain considerable media attention. But that’s not why we do it.

It isn’t easy steering your business when both the course and destination are uncertain. It’s our mission to help our clients get where they need to be by providing a clear view of what lies ahead. Understanding consumer trends is a large part of that.

Here are ten critical food, beverage, and agriculture trends we believe will significantly shape the industry and consumer landscapes this year:

  • Unpackage Me: Solutions Beyond Recycling
  • Sober Me: Rethinking Alcohol for a New Generation of Drinkers
  • Know Me: AI and Hyperpersonalizing Foodservice
  • Save Me: Environmental Impact-Based Eating
  • Science Me: Redefining “Real” Food in the High-Tech Era
  • Entertain Me: Evolving Grocery Shopping from Chore to Experience
  • Keto Me: The Evolution of Lifestyle Eating From No-Carb to Slow-Carb
  • Nourish Me: Serving Local Food in Public Institutions
  • Near Me: Farming Gets Closer to the Consumer
  • Teach Me: Consumers Want to Know More About Modern Farming Practices

By drawing on the full range of expertise of the Nourish Network, not only can we confidently present our expectations for the future, but we can also help your business leverage our insights to minimize the unexpected and capitalize on the opportunities ahead.

Enjoy your free download of The 2020 Nourish Network Trend Report; we hope it brings you a clearer vision of what’s to come.

If, after reading the Report, you have any questions about what it all means for your industry and your business, we invite you to contact us. You can reach Jo-Ann McArthur, President and Founding Partner of Nourish Food Marketing, at

For your free copy of The 2020 Nourish Network Trend Report, please go here.

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