S'mores & "Simpler Times"

We all know that sweet treats are made to be tasty, but it’s also important that they resonate with consumers. Our President, Jo-Ann McArthur, was recently quoted in an article about the rise of s’mores (thanks Toronto Star!). We continue to emphasize the fact that this trend is taking the feeling of camping and turning it into a packaged snack. From campsites to cupboards, s’mores have taken “roughing it” and used it to connect consumers with packaged goods. In an age where we are being asked to be “online” more and more, offline moments become paramount - especially for companies looking to “own” these moments. S’mores not only provide a confection and comfort, but can be transformed into multiple products: cookies, cereal, pretzels, and even beverages, all for consumers looking to capture the feeling of the great outdoors! Is your food business looking to "own" the moment - contact us today, so that we can help!
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