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Mushrooms Canada

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The Ask

Mushrooms Canada, the advocacy group behind Canada’s mushroom growers (the food kind, not the “magic” kind), brought us a very compelling headline and less compelling growth statistics. Why weren’t consumers adopting mushrooms as a mealtime mainstay? We attacked this conundrum like Super Mario on a speed run.

The Insight

Promoting mushrooms as a protein extender for ground meat was procedurally complicated, aesthetically bland, and not paying dividends for the client. But, with gorgeous food photography featuring mushrooms as an easy, healthy way to power up meals, we knew we could get mushroom-friendly consumers to enjoy them more often. Attach that to the COVID-propelled trend of eating for immunity, and you’ve got a recipe for growth.

The Execution

For this one, we went bold, like a sauteed portobello perched on a steak sauce-slathered 8oz all-beef patty hot off the grill. Vivid, food-friendly colours became the canvas for scrumptiously styled food photography — showing whole and sliced mushrooms — paired with simple, direct copy. We took our new look online to spruce up the existing website and put some punch into their social media.

Mushrooms Poster Mockup Mushrooms Poster Mockup

We launched Mushrooms Canada’s first-ever contest, giving away branded swag, a recipe booklet created in-house, and things to make cooking with mushrooms fun & easy.

Mushrooms Packaging Mushrooms Packaging
Mushrooms Social Mushrooms Social

An influencer campaign helped spread the word, with top foodies effortlessly adding mushrooms to meals you can actually make at home.

Mushrooms Influencer Gif Mushrooms Influencer Gif
Mushrooms Influencer Video Mockup Mushrooms Influencer Video Mockup
Mushroom Photography Club1
Mushroom Photography Club2
Mushroom Photography Pasta1
Mushroom Photography Pasta2
Mushroom Photography Salad1
Mushroom Photography Salad2
Mushroom Photography Shakshuka1
Mushroom Photography Shakshuka2
Mushroom Photography Skewers1
Mushroom Photography Skewers2
Mushroom Photography Toast1
Mushroom Photography Toast2

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