Concepts In Retail for 2017

When we understand global trends, we begin to understand the “how” and the “why” when they pop up in our area. That’s why I found this report on trends and concepts powering the global retail space to be so important to what we do. The trend we’ve termed “Take Me Halfway There” is a perfect example of a growing retail trend in our own backyard. Consumers, exhausted by the guesswork of meal planning and prep, are being equipped with more and more “meal-time shortcuts” to craft fare fit for busy schedules. Whether it’s vegetable butchers or meal kits, the opportunity to incorporate partially prepared ingredients into homemade meals is growing. For consumers, it’s all about getting dinner without getting a headache. Looking for more information about food trends in 2017? Download the Nourish Food Trend Report 2017 today.
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