How the Collapse of Foodservice Affects Us All

Jo-Ann: Restaurants are at the hub of the wheel in Canada's future economic recovery, so as consumers, we all have a stake in restaurants' survival. And farmers have been affected as well. That's why it's great to see Uber Eats launching its #FarmFresh initiative to support local farmers.

Len: When foodservice, especially in-restaurant dining, was halted across much of the country, the effects were felt practically overnight at the farm level. For example, the potato industry in Canada found itself with a significant oversupply challenge almost immediately. Simply put, there were just too many potatoes grown that were destined to be served as french fries in restaurants that were closed or only offering take-out; take-out and fresh, hot fries are not an ideal combination. The resulting problem was two-fold: i) decline in potato prices and on-farm revenue, and ii) an over-supply of potatoes in storage, which will need to be moved out before the conclusion of the 2020 potato harvest. The COVID pandemic has illustrated in no uncertain terms how interconnected our food system is.

For details about Uber Eats’ insightful (and hopefully impactful) new program, plus a behind-the-scenes peek at the farm-to-restaurant journey, you need to read Retail Insider’s recent article, Uber Eats Canada Launches FarmFresh Initiative for Exclusive Orders.

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