Consumers demand less waste and more benefits - are you ready?

Nourish Brief: If you haven’t heard the term “Mindful Consumption” yet, prepare for it to be the next big thing. Food-X’s latest cohort of 8 featured food startups is very much pushing the trend of “Mindful Consumption”. We talk about this trend in the Nourish Food Trends Report for 2017 - if you haven’t done so already, it’s not too late to grab your free copy.

Critical Insight: Mindful Consumption is not just about changing what people eat, but how they feel about what they eat.

How to translate the idea of "mindful consumption" into profitable real-life products [caption id="attachment_1577" align="aligncenter" width="300"]rise-specialty-flour photo via:[/caption] Example One: Rise is creating flour ultra-high in protein, using spent brewery grains Companies like Rise repurpose food waste by taking spent grains from microbreweries and converting it into nutritious high protein, low carb flour. Take a look at this article, where the team behind Rise documents the creation of a loaf of bread that contains, slice for slice, as much protein as a protein bar. Amazing work, and fully on-trend. [caption id="attachment_1578" align="aligncenter" width="300"]wasteless-grocery-retail-waste photo via:[/caption] Example Two: Wasteless is aiming to re-capture $1B of lost grocery revenues - each week Other companies are seeking to reduce retail food waste, like Wasteless’ efforts to help grocers get ahead on shelf turnover with automated pricing processes. The grocery retail space in the US discards an amazing $57B worth of food every year, with out of stock and overstock causing an additional $47B loss. Ending this waste is something Wasteless is working towards by helping retailers identify and react to out-of-stock instances before they occur and automating pricing processes to ensure fast shelf turnover. Work like this is making an important contribution to our future food security - what we don’t waste, we don’t need to grow. More details can be found on the Wasteless website. Although on the surface these companies do very different things, they both respond to the same consumer demands: less waste, more benefits!
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