The 2023 Nourish Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the season of giving once again! We’ve recently given our annual gift to the Food & Beverage industry, the 2024 Nourish Trend Report. If you haven’t seen it yet, follow this handy link for your free download.

We know that gift shopping can be overwhelming, especially if the person you’re shopping for falls under “the one who has everything.” Well, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of our team’s favourite food-related gifts—from our group of foodies to you and yours!

The 2023 Nourish Holiday Gift Guide

From our President

The Dreamfarm Fluicer

It’s not the world’s most urgent problem, but it is annoying: the kitchen drawer full of accessories and single-purpose tools won’t open or close because something—maybe the hand-held citrus squeezer—is sticking up. The Fluicer, which folds flat, is designed to avoid this problem. But it also reinvents its main job, squeezing half a lime (or lemon or orange) from the sides and top to get more juice out of every press. Talk about making lemonade from lemons!

From our Operations Manager

GE Profile™ Carbon Black 7-Quart Smart Mixer with Auto Sense

It’s the age of smart technology, and the baking world is about to join the party. The GE Profile Smart Mixer combines two fan favourites in the kitchen: the electric mixer and the scale. It automatically weighs ingredients as you add them, has a sensor to prevent over or under-mixing, and a timer, too! It also has an app that connects to the mixer, so all your recipes will be perfectly blended. Not sold yet? It even has voice activation that’s compatible with Alexa and Google. A.I. takes (and bakes!) the cake with this one.

From our Digital Optimization Specialist

Candles by Jomo

A gift that is totally fire! No, seriously. Jomo is an Asian-inspired candle brand that uses natural soy wax for a toxin-free burn. Removing the traditional wick and substituting a wooden one creates a relaxing vibe that will make you think you’re beside a campfire. Their nostalgic scent profile has favourites like boba milk tea and peach Yakult and comes in two sizes—perfect for the casual candle lover or the avid candle connoisseur.

From our Digital and Social Media Coordinator

Spice Jars with Labels

Remote or hybrid workers (of which there are FAR more post-COVID), the kind who pop out to the supermarket on their lunch break, spend more time in the kitchen after shutting their laptops at 5 o’clock. For the person becoming more nuanced with their cooking, a set of spice jars with labels is a great gift that they’ll actually use! This set, complete with 24 jars, bamboo lids, and various aesthetically pleasing labels, will spice up their kitchen cupboard while they spice up their meals.

From our Senior Copywriter

David's Tea Advent Calendar

There’s a case to be made that tea is the original functional beverage! This collection is presented as an advent calendar, but it’s not seasonally themed. You could give it as a sampler to a tea aficionado or use it to count down 24 days to any holiday or event. The variety of teas inside makes it exciting and may launch a voyage of tea discovery. Plus, there are two sachets of each flavour for revisiting favourites or sharing with someone—opening up the potential for giving a single gift to a couple if your pursestrings are currently drawn as tight as a sachet of loose-leaf tea.

From our Senior Account Executive and Social Media Lead

Bonfire 2.0 by Solo Stove

This smokeless, wood-burning fire pit is portable, making it a great addition to any outdoor event in need of some ambiance. And, sure, it can be for a solo outdoorsy night, but we think it's best enjoyed with friends, roasting hot dogs or marshmallows, and creating a whole bunch of memories gathered around the crackling fire.

From our Art Director

Ninja™ CREAMi® 7-in-1 Ice Cream Maker

With more people opting out of dairy products and seeking healthier alternatives to sweet treats without compromising flavour, the Creami is a fantastic addition to someone’s kitchen. Just pour in your milk alternative of choice, add some ice or frozen berries, and voila! Your very own dairy-free frozen treat. With the ability to customize your blend, you won’t have to worry about your ice cream accidentally becoming a milkshake.

From our Client Services Director

Souper Cubes

For the busy parent or the meal prep master, check out these reusable silicone containers from Souper! Store up to four servings at once without giving away precious fridge or freezer space, and the silicon makes frozen meal removal a piece of cake (which you could also store in here if you wanted to).

From our Test Kitchen Manager

Swedish Dishcloths

For your eco-friendly pal, why not give the gift of sustainability? These non-toxic reusable dishcloths from Superscandi are the key to eliminating waste from paper towels. When they’re ready for a refresh, add them to your dishwasher or washing machine and hang to dry. With a variety of colours to choose from, you only have to decide if you want to match their kitchen or their personality!

From our Graphic Designer

Pierogi Form

Fans of pierogies, dumplings, samosas and other doughy dishes will go wild for this time-saving device from What on Earth. Simply place your dough on the mould, add your fillings, close with both handles, and you’ve got stuffed dough that’s perfectly crimped. This one is ideal for those friends who love to host and insist they don’t need any help in the kitchen—they can have the Pierogi Form in one hand and a beverage in the other!

From our Junior Account Executive

Deluxe Cheese-making Kit

Cheese is having its moment right now. From blended cottage cheese to baked feta pasta, we say, “More for us, please!” What better gift for the cheese lover in your life than a cheese maker from Simons? Complete with everything needed to create the perfect cheese—including a cheese thermometer—whoever you gift this to will say “Cheese,” even when their photo isn’t being taken.

From our Furry Interns (aka “the Dogs of Nourish”)

SNÜF Natural Pet Food

When we asked our four-legged interns what their favourite gift was, the answer was unanimous: treats! Okay, they said toys and love, too, but for the sake of this gift guide, we’re going with treats. These natural pet treats are made from insect protein, one of the best uses we’ve seen for this alternative protein source, and come with more benefits than you can stuff in your mouth and run away with. Snüf has created yummy snacks for the pup with a sensitive tummy, the one who isn’t too jazzed about going in the car, and the one who wants to always look like they just left the groomer.

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