The Power of "Free" & Consumer Choice

Our goal at Nourish is to help our clients sell more food, more profitably. Part of that is helping food brands understand the psychological effect of “free”. This study dives into the power of “free” and what it means when consumers are more likely to choose something that is free, even over something that is entirely more cost effective. Companies have long recognized the power of a free sample, specifically as a tool that helps drive product awareness. The power of free, though, also helps spur something of an emotional response. The psychological outcome of giving things away for free leaves consumers feeling indebted to a company, whether or not they are aware of it. This is incredibly valuable to consider, not only for selling more product, but for developing an emotional connection between company and consumer based on impactful psychological triggers. Some say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but it looks like you could say the same for a free sample, too! Is your business looking to harness the power of free to propel your product to new heights? Contact us today, so you can learn from the best.
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