Why do consumers demand transparency from their products and how do you meet their needs?

It is one of our core beliefs, and we’ve been quoted in articles (thanks Farm Credit Canada!), that transparency in food - especially for millennials - is table stakes. Why does Made Matter? It’s because consumers crave transparency from the very beginning.

How can you take the idea of transparency into the market and use it to sell more food?

Transparency in packaging starts quite simply - by showing people the product. Kellog’s recent range of better-for-you foods has chosen to focus on “visible” ingredients on the package - beneficial foods you can see, identify easily and know that they’re present. Our own work for Mortimer’s pies goes to great lengths to show the ingredients in the product. There is also the recent release of see-through cans, which show consumers exactly what they’re buying from the moment they scan the shef. This concept of “being visible” has become a prerequisite for effective packaging, right from the very beginning. Say it from the shelf, and get more eyes on your products.
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