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The Ask

The client, Canada’s largest foodservice provider, operates foodservice locations in institutional settings, including colleges and universities and hospitals. The original RFP was for posters to promote their use of local foods at key areas and combat a perception (put out by a competitor) that this is a faceless, soulless, multinational conglomerate that doesn’t support local businesses or economies.

The Insight

First, we challenged the client’s thinking about the role of the posters, how consumers define “local” and broadened their perspective on how they could approach local food storytelling. For example, to an Ontarian, Alberta beef may be seen as local but not a New York wine. We knew there was a bigger story to tell and that the posters were only one piece of the communication.

The Execution

We showed the client the importance of connecting with the audience where they interact with the brand and in terms relevant to them. The “Mind Body Soul” campaign used graphic elements based on video game and wearable tech “status bars” to link local, healthy food options with total personal wellness. Collateral included menu boards, stickers, wayfinding signage, and, yes, posters.

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Colourful and energetic graphics spoke directly to our target audience in terms they understood, while also breaking through the sterility of institutional settings.

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A variety of executions, including digital signboards, wayfinding, posters, and more, made the campaign highly visible and impossible to ignore without being intrusive.

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We extended the branding to cafeteria food packaging and displays, enabling customers to make informed decisions about their meal choices.

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