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Eggs Are the Answer

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The Ask

EFC chose us to boost adoption of the Egg Quality Assurance program, a B2B-targeted campaign for 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic radically disrupted the food industry, a rapid repositioning became necessary.

The Insight

Struggling foodservice operators needed survival techniques, not sales pitches, to ride out the storm and stay in business. Our concept positioned Egg Farmers Canada as an industry thought-leader and partner with a plan, and eggs as a pan-cuisine menu solution.

The Execution

At the hub of the strategy is the Eggs Are the Answer microsite - foodservice.eggs.ca. The bilingual site promotes eggs under three pillars: Versatility, Profitability, and Simplicity. “Menu Inspirations” reveal how eggs can fill gaps left by struggling supply chains, anxious consumers, and thinning margins.
EFC Mobile Mockup EFC Mobile Mockup

Accompanying digital and print ads borrow from EFC’s highly recognizable B2C look and feel for instant approachability and trust.

EFC Trend Report Mockup EFC Trend Report Mockup

To better serve the industry and bolster the client’s authority, we created the 2021 Foodservice Trend Report. Researched, written, and designed in-house, this authoritative but approachable publication called out key food trends for the year and how to capitalize on them — using eggs as the ultimate menu solution, of course.

EFC Poster Mockup EFC Poster Mockup

Compelling visuals are at the heart of every great marketing campaign. Our team provided expert culinary, food styling, and photography skills to create vivid images of each menu inspiration.

1 1 Croque Madame overhead V1
4 2 Bento Box
6 2 Korean burger
7 1 Deviled Eggs overhead V1
9 2 Waste not stew 34 V2
10 1 Kejriwal Eggs
12 2 wrap 34 V1

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