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The Ask

Position McCormick, a company with high recognition for consumer products but not as well known for commercial and industrial applications, as flavour experts and the first contact for major food companies looking for unique flavour solutions.

The Insight

McCormick already had several key pieces of the puzzle: a robust database of contacts, a profound understanding of the market and innovative processes, and an annual publication of flavour trends. What they lacked was a cohesive system for distributing that information and keeping it relevant year-round.

The Execution

To keep McCormick relevant and top-of-mind with their existing subscribers and extend their reach further into the industry, we revamped their monthly newsletter, created a social media program, and added useful, actionable, SEO-friendly content to their website. We leaned heavily into the existing Flavour Forecast publications, extending their lives far beyond the initial hype, and humanized the brand by ghostwriting articles for their development team.

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Insightful, informative, and entertaining articles brought interest and a human touch to a B2B website, positioning the client as the passionate, food-loving people we knew they were, but which their potential customers were missing.

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