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The Ask

Parent company Loblaw Corporation Limited engaged Nourish to establish Sufra as the go-to, trustworthy halal brand. Our challenge was we were not able to utilize digital or social platforms. To reach a multicultural community, we needed to focus on a unique experiential campaign to raise awareness of the Sufra brand to the right target audience.

The Insight

Sampling is an effective way to raise awareness of a product. However, an in-store activation does not guarantee your samples will find their way to your target audience. Knowing that Muslims most likely to eat halal attend mosques, we created an experiential program to deliver samples directly to our core demographic, of whom more than 40% live in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Execution

We created the Sufra Halal food trucks program to visit Mosques in Southern Ontario, chosen based on proximity to retailers selling Sufra products. Weekly during the program, the Sufra trucks, staffed with a friendly team trained with knowledge of cultural sensitivities, distributed samples after Friday afternoon prayers. During Ramadan, we shifted to midnight activations to coincide with the breaking of the fast. Complementing the tour was an annual sponsorship of the highly successful Halal Food Fest TO and digital support from community-trusted media outlet Halal Foodie.

Sufra Apron Sufra Apron

Ambassadors sported branded gear for consistent representation of the logo to aid recall in grocery stores and to connect a positive experience with the brand.

Sufra Truck Sufra Truck

Everyone loves a food truck — but they aren’t all halal. Our vividly decorated trucks prominently displayed not only the Sufra logo, but also the HMA certification logo for enhanced credibility and to build trust with our customers.

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