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Walker Farms

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The Ask

A multi-generational family-run dairy operation, Walker Farms came to us to help them transition from traditional dairy farming to on-site processing with a branded product.

The Insight

From our conversations with the client, we learned over two-thirds of their herd at that time produced A2-protein milk. Understanding the growing importance of the A2 milk market and single-source milk, we advised them to focus on A2 exclusively, with branding emphasizing the unique provenance and attributes of their product compared to most brands.

The Execution

Understanding new things can be off-putting and that nostalgia is a powerful emotion, we took a “what’s old is new again” approach, with a classic look and informative communications. We created branding that celebrates Walker Farms A2 milk’s single-farm origins and a website to pull back the curtain on a centralized, state-of-the-art production facility.

WF Sticker WF Sticker

We created a classically-styled logo for easy recognition and to establish provenance. Adding the tagline to the logo brought together the brand’s decades of experience with their cutting-edge approach to milk and is also an allusion to the back story of a2 milk in general.

WF Products WF Products

Bold and memorable packaging that stands out on the rack while maintaining category conventions for SKU differentiation makes the first trial easier for consumers and aids repeat purchases.

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