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Choose Canadian Seafood

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The Ask

Canada has a multi-billion dollar fishing industry. And yet, data shows that only 30% of seafood eaten in Canada is caught in Canada. It’s a problem big enough to unify the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance and the Fisheries Council of Canada and bring them to us to <ahem> turn the tide.

The Insight

Canadians like seafood but think it’s only for special occasions, being too hard to use and too expensive to have in heavy rotation. Wrong! Our goal became getting seafood-positive consumers to eat seafood more often AND buy Canadian seafood when they do.

The Execution

To dispel some preconceived notions, get young families to eat seafood more often, and groom the next generation of seafood eaters, we targeted YEMPs — Young Educated Millennial Professionals. We created a catchy, colourful digital campaign to stop some thumbs and change some minds, complete with original recipes and a new website. Print ads in condo living magazines showed how easily seafood fit with their lifestyle. And we dangled a shiny new logo in front of them to lure them in, online, in print, and in-store.

Guess what? They rose to the bait.

CCS Table Tent Mockup CCS Table Tent Mockup

A dynamic new logo equates fish/seafood with Canada. Even without the imperative to Choose Canadian Seafood, it clearly indicates that the product is Canadian, making it linguistically barrier-free.

CCS Poster Mockup CCS Poster Mockup

Using shades of blue, a well-known category convention, helps define the space and aids association for the consumer between our branding and the seafood category.

Punchy headlines quickly convey to the reader that there are no rules when it comes to serving seafood.

CCS Social Gif Mockup Full CCS Social Gif Mockup Full
Choose Seafood Ads Choose Seafood Ads

We brought exciting and easy recipes developed in-house to life with vibrant, mouth-watering photography. The goal: show how seafood can fit seamlessly into your existing menu of foods you know and love.

CCS Recipe Photography BLTT
CCS Recipe Photography Burger
CCS Recipe Photography Casserole
CCS Recipe Photography Chili Lime Cod
CCS Recipe Photography Chowder
CCS Recipe Photography F C
CCS Recipe Photography Fajitas
CCS Recipe Photography Lobster Rolls
CCS Recipe Photography Mussels
CCS Recipe Photography Poke Bowl
CCS Recipe Photography Ramen
CCS Recipe Photography Sheetpan Salmon
CCS Recipe Photography Sliders
CCS Recipe Photography Spaghetti
CCS Recipe Photography Tacos
CCS Influencer Gif R2 CCS Influencer Gif R2

It’s one thing for us to say cooking with Canadian Seafood is quick, easy, and delicious. It’s even better when someone shows it’s true. Strategic use of key influencers for our target audience resulted in increased exposure, enhanced trust, and some beautiful content.

Website Mocks Website Mocks

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