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The Ask

As the advocacy group for over 30,000 Canadian foodservice businesses, Restaurants Canada provides vital research and findings to its members. The client asked us to transform the look and the language of their quarterly and annual reports and position themselves as thought leaders for foodservice.

The Insight

The data Restaurants Canada provides several times per year helps restaurant, bar, and catering owners, food suppliers, retailers, and more make critical operational decisions. However, the reports, useful though they were, were largely unreadable. We know from working with clients across the food industry that most small business owners are regular people, not economists, CFOs, or industry magnates. They need approachable language, and insights plainly offered, not buried in data.

The Execution

We created an exciting new look that feels more like a magazine than a report, featuring dynamic graphic elements, photography, and colourful charts and graphs. Our copywriter worked directly with their Chief Economist to bring the data to life, highlighting insights and key points, and put it all in easy-to-understand language.

Restaurants Canada Mockup Restaurants Canada Mockup

The annual Foodservice Facts publication continues to grow each year and has become an invaluable resource for many owners and operators across the industry. This value was further amplified by the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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