Fresh Thinking in the Food Industry For 2022

January is a month of resolutions and fresh starts, like Dry January and Veganuary. Both of these trends may, in fact, be on track for their biggest months ever. We also see several international companies launching new products to capitalize on that interest. Some of the higher-profile launches include:

Mexico’s Corona brewery, owned by global suds colossus AB InBev, has shaken off the ridiculous association with Coronavirus and now brings us Sunbrew. This fruity brew ticks both the Dry January and functional beverage boxes; it’s a zero percent alcohol beer that provides 30 percent of the daily value of vitamin D per 330 mL serving. Canadians will be the first to try out the new concoction, with the launch nicely timed to coincide with the shorter winter days. Now that’s what we call sunshine in a bottle!

KFC is going Beyond Chicken with a plant-based LTO across all its US outlets. This launch targets the lessitarian or flexitarian consumer, with the press release noting that the product is not “prepared in vegan/vegetarian manner.” In Canada, both KFC and Mary Brown’s have partnered with Lightlife; KFC has a popcorn chicken LTO, while Mary Brown’s will offer plant-based chicken tenders and Sidekick Snack Sandwiches as permanent menu items.

Pizza Hut has made Beyond Meat’s Vegan Sausage a permanent menu addition across all Canadian locations.

And, French cheese giant Bel launched Vegan Babybel in the UK, wrapped in green wax packaging rather than the iconic red wax kids have been rolling into balls since 1977.

Here at Nourish, we took the opportunity to revisit and refresh our values in the new year. (And you’ve probably already noticed our revamped website, one of our last projects of 2021.) We continue to evolve as a company, and so should our values.

Our vision and mission remain the same, proudly emblazoned on our office wall.

Nourish vision and mission statements

And now, we’re equally proud to share our revised values with you.


We have a passion for food and understand its role as a shared and defining experience.

Food isn’t just another widget. It’s the root of our existence and how we connect as a people. It engages all of our senses and nourishes not just our bodies but also our souls.

We embrace agile marketing and the perpetual beta approach to drive ongoing success.

Gone are the days of the five-year plan set in stone. The rate of change is increasing and marketing today requires more of an iterative or flywheel approach with sprints. We’ve taken a leaf out of the Silicon Valley playbook; everything we do is just the prototype for the next, better, version and the only constant is change. We’d rather develop Minimum Viable Products than chase perfection; the opportunity will be gone or seized by someone else if and when you reach that lofty goal.

We welcome, encourage, and celebrate diversity of culture, beliefs, and ideas.

With our Head Office in Toronto, we genuinely look the way the world’s most diverse city looks. We have multiple cultures, countries, and age groups represented, which always results in a richer solution.

We look to what’s next while learning from what came before.

And by “what’s next,” we don’t mean the latest shiny toy or hot fad. Instead, we strive to understand what’s worked long-term in the past and why, while tracking the courses of evolving trends. In that way, we will shape the future rather than react to the present, which is precisely why we publish our annual Nourish Trend Report.

We’ve also created a list of principles, the driving forces behind our Values and our goals:


Everything starts with insights drawn from experience, research, and data-driven critical thinking.

Each client deserves and receives a customized marketing solution.

We are a team, encouraging each other to reach new heights but never competing internally.

Time is a precious resource; we respect our clients’ time as well as our own.

Our ultimate goal is always to add value for our clients.

If you do business with us, you already know we live by these. And if you aren’t on our client list (yet), this is a taste of what you can expect when you work with Nourish. Sound like the right environment for your food, beverage, or agriculture business? Drop me a line, and let’s talk.

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