Kitchen Tech Update: Voice-activated Assistants are Making Inroads Into our Kitchens

“Hey Google, heat the oven to 350 degrees”

From ovens to fridges, from taps to microwaves, the kitchen is getting smarter and more connected and the use of voice-activated assistants, like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, continues to grow. So much so, that by mid-2020, smart speakers are projected to outnumber tablets in Canadian households.

Google’s AI Assistant is now installed in, or talks to, over 400,000,000 devices worldwide, many of which find a home in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a natural home for Assistants, with more than 41% of users reporting it as their chosen location.

Furthermore, the tasks people give their assistants are very kitchen-friendly; 49.9% of smart speaker owners have used their devices to find recipe content, while 71.4% use their device for common kitchen tasks, such as setting multiple timers, converting units, or maintaining grocery lists.

Appliance manufacturers have been quick to integrate voice and AI functionality into their products. GE just launched its smart Kitchen Hub that comes equipped with a built-in collection of recipes and video instructions that are accessible while you're cooking.

Beyond cooking, the Kitchen Hub is also able to connect with other smart devices in the home, enabling it to operate lights, doorbell cameras, baby monitors, and even other appliances.

How can your business respond to these developments?

If you’re a Manufacturer:

Have you reached out to appliance manufacturers to get your products featured in recipe collections designed for appliances? Or, if you have a ready-made collection of your own, could you license the content? Finally, is there a way to make your packaging smarter, allowing it to interact with voice-activated assistants and other AI devices?

If you’re a Retailer:

Could you work with appliance manufacturers to be the retailer of choice, offering everything from automatic fridge refills to subscription services?

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