Nourish’s Post-Pandemic Planning Grid for Brands & Foodservice

To help guide you through uncertain times, we’ve created a pair of charts outlining likely consumer behaviours as we progress through the current situation and exit out the other side. Broken down into three distinct stages, many likely developments and outcomes are listed, along with post-pandemic planning suggestions and ways your business can react.

There’s a chart tailored for Brands and a second for Foodservice. We understand that “post-pandemic” may shift to “learning to live with COVID,” and each stage will vary by province. But, let this be a starting point to help you plan for the future.

Interested in having Nourish lead your team through a post-pandemic planning session? Contact Jo-Ann McArthur to discuss your options.

Click here for the Food & Beverage Brands Chart

Click here for the Foodservice Chart

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