The Value of Ethics in Buying Decisions

We believe that people connect with food on an emotional level, and that often comes from how food is made. Len, the CEO of our Agri-Marketing Division, shared with us an article which illustrates the connection between production and consumer choice. The article reports the findings of two University of Guelph agricultural economics professors, John Cranfield and Brady Deaton, who suggest that buying decisions are influenced more by production practices, rather than the “look” of the final product. It's a rallying cry for those who believe - like us - that "made matters", and that telling a product's whole story is important to consumers. Especially when you consider the tradeoff that occurs where you may end up paying more for products produced ethically, this is definitely of note. It is also related to Tim Hortons’ commitment to using only cage-free eggs by 2025. Ultimately, it speaks to the desire for transparency, and the fact that ethical brand stories are attractive to consumers. Do you understand the value of "made matters" - if you're looking to find success with your food product, look no further and contact us today.
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