Turning GMO processes into key benefits - how the brand Perfect Day combats the “reverse halo effect” with radical transparency

Today’s consumers, especially millennials, trust “big business” and “traditional advertising” less and less. This distrust can cause the “reverse halo effect” where products are instantly vilified for containing a perceived “dirty word” ingredient: GMO is a prime example of this. Of course, if consumers don’t trust your brand, they won’t buy your product. It then becomes your brand’s job to rebuild that consumer confidence. A solution for this problem can be found in the “Made” story - telling a story outlining the “Made by”, “Made how” and “Made since” can be an extremely effective remedy.

An example: This company clones cow’s milk, using a GMO process, and gets nothing but praise!

The brand Perfect Day has done a great job of understanding that radical transparency about the way a product is made can be an effective way to win consumer trust. On the surface, Perfect Day’s offering could be seen as highly processed. The company uses a genetically modified yeast organism that has been designed to ferment sugar and create real milk proteins the same way a cow does - but without the cows. As their website says: “we craft animal-free dairy products that taste like the real thing.” They liken their GMO process to craft brewing, and they do it with effective storytelling that hides absolutely nothing.

Nutritious, safe, sustainable and radically transparent - Perfect Day has it all.

Perfect Day share everything about their process, then deliver these outcomes:
  • 65% less energy consumption
  • 84% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • 91% less land usage
  • 98% less water consumption
It’s no wonder why so many people are joining the “moo-vement” - Perfect Day has crafted a story worth telling and turned a potential negative into a huge positive. Is your brand ready to embrace radical transparency? Contact our President Jo-Ann at j@nourish.marketing if you’re looking to sell more food today.
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