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We don’t know much about marketing for real estate. Or for cars, detergents, or life insurance. We leave that to the generalist ad agencies out there. But helping our clients sell more food, that’s something we know an awful lot about. Because that’s all we do. So, if you grow or make food and you’d like to increase your sales, then you might want to talk to us.

Jo-Ann McArthur

President, Nourish Food Marketing

Food marketing services from farm to fork

Making it

  • Research Studies
  • Naming and Branding
  • Pack Design
  • Halal and Kosher expertise
  • On-site test kitchen
  • Flavour Profile and nutritional development support

Growing it

  • Agri Marketing Services
  • Industry Education

Selling it

  • Full service B2B and B2C Marketing 
  • Content Marketing and Social Media 
  • Food PR and Influencer Marketing
  • Food photography and videography
  • Montreal office for French support
  • Trade Shows, events and food trucks

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What we are working on

In house test kitchens and culinary content studios

In additon to research, strategy and creative services, our client also have access to our in-house test kitchen and culinary content studios.

Staffed by award winning videographers, food photographers, stylists and culinary experts we create everything from flavour profiles for new products to culinary content that is used for everything from recipe books to social media posts.

Clients can attend and direct shoots in person in our downtown Toronto location, or from anywhere in the world via our virtual studio setup.

We don’t cut corners, so our content is guaranteed to work and to be original. 100% of all publishing rights are owned by our clients for unlimited global use.

What our clients say about us

According to Nielsen, 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over advertising messages. We figured this would to apply to us as well, especially given that we’re an ad agency. 

So rather than us telling you that we’re good at what we’re doing, we asked our clients to share what they think of us. Hopefully at least 83% of you will trust the following statements. 

“It was a pleasure working with Nourish Marketing on our Quest for sourdough PR campaign. The team was as passionate as us about food and in particular sourdough: they literally felt like an extension of the Puratos team. Not only did the Nourish team really understand us, they were also were very professional and well organized in preparing, executing and following up on the campaign. A true partnership!”

Liesbet Vandepoel

Director of Marketing, Puratos Canada

“The team at Nourish were so incredible to work with during a very stressful time when we were re-launching an entire website in a matter of weeks.  The team was patient, attentive, asked the right questions and made us feel incredibly supported. The finished product was better than we could have ever anticipated and we would hands down recommend them to anyone!”

Victoria Syme

Marketing Manager, Harmony Marketing

Nourish Food Marketing has played an instrumental role in helping bring our Sufra Halal Brand to life within the Muslim communities across Ontario… They helped us build a strategic and community focused marketing plan that centered around authentic brand interactions…

Kevin Andrews

Director, Control Brand Marketing, Loblaw Companies Ltd

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