Early Results from Our Annual Halal Shopper Study Are Here - and it's Not Just About Meat

The analysis continues, and we will soon present the findings of our 6th annual Halal Shopper Study. By this point, most people grasp the opportunities for product growth with this demographic; Statistics Canada data projects the Canadian Muslim population will eclipse the Chinese market by 2021.

What we’ve uncovered is only 63% of these shoppers are satisfied with halal product availability. Most marketers just think it’s about meat. But, you might be surprised to learn that Halal consumers are also looking for halal cheese, baked goods, baby food, and even skincare products. These products are not considered “halal by default.”

Missing the Mark with Meat

Within the meat category, the number one gap is in cold cuts/deli! Why?

We know that foodservice drives consumer food trends at retail. This past year we saw new restaurants providing authentic halal smoked meat and pastrami sandwiches that this halal consumer could only dream of in the past. Some recent examples are Montreal-based Rock'N Deli with six locations in Quebec and now expanded into the GTA. Sumilicious made waves this past year with media coverage across all major outlets. And now these customers want to purchase the product at retail to prepare their own sandwiches.

A Sample from the Tip of the Halal Iceberg

Other top requests highlighted in our survey results were for ready-to-eat/ready-to-heat meals, and halal frozen foods. Shoppers in this group are younger, have higher incomes, and larger families. They crave convenience in meal preparation just as much as shoppers from “mainstream” demographics.

Keep following us for more unique, original insights into halal consumers when the full Halal Shopper Study becomes available.

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